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Fan Art

EmmaDilemma did this awesome portrait of Betty. It's not really fanart since she asked people to submit characters for practice drawings. I think Betty looks about 13 here, which would put it around 1960.

Nauthor has done the first ever unsolicited fan art for Dear World! Yay! He added some color into my characters' dreary black and white lives. He's Area5.1's son, and I can see that talent runs in his family!

BitterBadger did this lovely one of Betty and Kay. I think Kay looks about 12 in this one.


Jmluvsbob did this cute and slightly creepy portrait of Bobby. I think it expresses his character well!

Assassin  Anime did this one of one of the folks from Close Encounter.
I didn't design them of course. We all know that they're real. ;)